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Mount Mary High School
Mount Mary High School

Spirit of the School


The openness of vision and the enhancement of sensibilities are confined in the value based symbols of the School Badge, The Lotus, The Open Book, The Lighted Candle and The Sheaves of Corn on either sides, in sweet embrace.

THE LOTUS the National Flower of our Great Land symbolized the womb of the ALMA MATER. It is set on the name plate of the city suburb of Goregaon on Western Mumbai, where the School is situated.

From the interior of the Lotus Flower rises the enrolled child in school with the touch of the knowledge in the medium of school instruction, the pride and place to be in grey coloured uniform, restless with exuberance, tinted with the pinkness of the flower, out of joy and happiness nestled in the school.

THE OPEN BOOK provides the openness of vision, read through the furrows, wherein the different power seeds of intelligence and skills are regularly nutured with the passage of time.

THE PURE WHITE BURNING CANDLE INNOCENCE springs from the BOOK OF Knowledge, wisdom and grace of enlightment, attempting to lift the head to manifest the power of personality development with the advancement of sensibilities to reach out, in their tender maturity, to the needs of the Society and the environment around.

The physical and mental growth, through the years of scholastic career of a decade or more at the Alma Mater will be dependent on the enrichment of nourishment, absorbed through the sheaves of golden corn on the either sides of the Lotus, ascending to reach the living rays of the candle-light to give the world, a complete adolescent, worthy to be future gem of the citizen of our Country.

MOUNT MARY HIGH SCHOOL, GOREGAON (WEST) Of the Suburban Education Society, Bombay, was established in 1961. With the entry of the New Millennium 2001, the school is trying to re-structure itself to face the new challenges and live to its outstanding reputation through total dedication of qualitative service in EDUCATION.

Let the fragrance of the LOTUS, the burning flame of the CANDLE, the OPEN BOOK of knowledge and the food for THOUGHT and ACTION remain with the SCHOOL always.



We stand for God and the Nation
Away with evil and temptation
Bombay is the pearl of the Indian Ocean,
Mount Mary’s is the growing institution.
We, mariates are all in arms
Gainst ignorance and deceit,
Our Moto is truth and honesty,
Our Coat – of – Arms is purity,
Our Slogan is march-ye Forward’,
To conquer all and reach our goal.
We take a pride in the Alma Mater
For Mariates, none is greater
To all our needs ever does cater,
Salutations to our Alma Mater