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Mount Mary High School
Mount Mary High School


AUG. 17th , 1985 :

To mark the Silver Jubilee Year of the school in a significant way as it should be, the Past Students Association of the School was formed at a meeting called by the Head of the School. The Ex-students assembled to the call of the School wondering what was the message they would receive on the occasion. The question: WHY? Was obviously in bold letters on their faces. The Principal addressed the gathering and suggested the formation of an Association and readily the Body was instituted under the title: “WHY-MA”. This name was coined from the full worded title: YOUTH MARIATES ASSOCIATION. Instead of having the abbreviation: ‘YMA’, The Head suggested that the letter ‘Y’ be spelt as ‘WHY’ with a hyphen ‘MA’ standing for MARIATES ASSOCIATION. That is how ‘WHY-MA’ was born.